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Bestvital® organic colostrum
For dogs, cats, horses, and other animals

The optimal vital substance boost for all four-legged companions

Adding organic colostrum for animals to the daily feed as needed is always useful when there is an increased need for nutrients, e.g. in times of stress, increased physical strain or even during pregnancy.

During such times, the body is particularly challenged to regenerate, to fight off pathogens and to gather new strength. The first-class ingredients of Bestvital® organic colostrum can support it perfectly.

Bestvital® organic colostrum The answer from nature

What our customers say about Bestvital® organic colostrum for animals:

What our customers say about Bestvital® organic colostrum for animals:

Over 400 valuable nutrients for your pet in the highest concentration

Mother nature’s first choice

The best that nature has to offer in a unique and balanced composition.

Bestvital® BIO Colostrum Fluid fuer Ihr Tier

How should I dose organic colostrum for animals?

For our liquid and powder products, use the following feeding recommendations apply for your pet, depending on body weight.

For dogs and cats, add 1 scoop of organic colostrum powder for animals  per 10 kg of body weight to the normal feed. Large animals such as horses should be given 2 scoops per 100 kg body weight daily.

Our organic colostrum fluid for animals should either be fed directly or mixed with the normal feed at a ratio of 5 ml per 10 kg body weight.

Colostrum für Tiere
Bestvital® Colostrum Tierprodukte

Organic colostrum product for animals

Recommended by veterinarians Here you can find Bestvital® organic colostrum for animals in different versions and quantities.

And of course only from German and Austrian farms with controlled organic animal husbandry.