What is Colostrum?

Get to know the unique natural substance of Bestvital® organic colostrum.

What is Colostrum?

Get to know the unique natural substance of Bestvital® organic colostrum.

First milk.
Contains everything.

First milk. Contains everything.

Colostrum is the first milk of any mammal and is provided in this form only during the first 72 hours after birth.

Colostrum differs fundamentally from normal milk in that it has ingredients that are absolutely unique in nature in this complexity and concentration.

Colostrum. The Power of Nature.

Colostrum contains the individual active ingredients in a 100% natural and optimal composition, developed by nature itself for the protection of the infant against bacterial and viral infections, as well as for prophylaxis against many potentially dangerous diseases in a long and natural evolutionary process.

In addition to a balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, first milk contains a combination of bioactive substances that are vital for the body’s immune defences and regeneration.

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Kalb trinkt an Euter

What is colostrum?

The super substance for calves

Every cow produces this very special “super milk” in the first hours of her calf’s life. Calves see the light of day without immunisation. Only the first vaccination with maternal colostrum gives them a healthy start into a happy cow life. The first milk of cows therefore also contains 4 x as many immune factors as human colostrum.

These antibodies are the most important components in terms of protective effect for the new-born calf. As early as during the first weeks of life, they provide for the formation of the general defences and thus form a perfect protection against infections.

One of the most important tasks of the immune factors is the neutralisation of viruses, bacteria, fungi and bacterial metabolic waste products.

The growth factors in colostrum in turn influence inflammatory processes, the restoration of destroyed tissue, e.g. after injuries, and the regeneration and optimisation of the calf’s organ functions.

In addition, colostrum contains special glycoproteins and protease inhibitors which protect the contained bioactive components from decomposition in the digestive system.

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Also for people

The extraordinary combination of over 400 interactive substances found in the first milk of cows is 99% identical to that found in human colostrum. This guarantees optimal bioavailability.

Thus, colostrum is basically “naturally” tailored to our bodies. And this complex cocktail of colostrum ingredients cannot be reproduced, even in the laboratory.

In particular, the colostrum from the first two surplus milkings after the birth of the calf guarantees the highest possible concentration of nutrients. This is because more than 80% of all ingredients are already transferred during this period.

Bestvital® organic colostrum products

Medsportiv GmbH develops and distributes innovative colostrum-based preparations for human use, in particular the award-winning organic colostrum products of the protected brand Bestvital®.

Masterfully tuned to meet all daily challenges

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Do you need more information about colostrum?

We have summarised the most frequently asked questions for you below. So just click on the questions.

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Why is colostrum so important?2023-03-29T16:24:06+01:00

As the first food mammals receive in the first hours of their life, colostrum is of particular importance. Because it is essential for the survival of the young organism. All relevant ingredients such as immunoglobulins (antibodies), growth factors, vitamins, minerals etc., have been developed by nature due to evolution towards these crucial first hours and days.

To date, no other combination of nutrients is known, which has such a high density of natural vital substances. Thus, the ingredients in colostrum provide the new-born with optimal protection against pathogenic germs such as viruses, bacteria or fungi and ensure healthy growth.

Of course, the calf is not deprived of any colostrum because the 100% of the ingredients for the Bestvital® organic colostrum products comes from pure surplus milk.

What is contained in colostrum?2023-03-29T16:23:52+01:00

To provide the calf with all the nutrients it needs for an optimal start in life in the first hours of its life, colostrum consists of a completely natural composition with over 400 highly concentrated vital substances.

And this nutrient mix can neither be artificially produced in the laboratory nor replaced by plant substances. Important ingredients include amino acids, vitamins, minerals, immunoglobulins, growth factors, lactoferrin, proline-rich polypeptides, cytokines, glycoproteins and many more.

Do the calves still receive enough colostrum?2023-03-29T16:23:52+01:00

The very first colostrum produced by the mother is, of course, always given to the calf. It is essential for the health and survival of the new-born. Of course, this is also in the primary interest of every farmer.

However, since the mother produces considerably more colostrum (approx. 15-20 l) than the calf needs (approx. 5-7 l), the surplus (which was usually simply poured away in the past) can thus also be utilised for humans.

In this context, professional further processing of the first batch is particularly important. Our Bestvital® organic colostrum products are therefore produced using the most modern and gentle processing methods in the world.

Why should I choose bovine colostrum?2023-03-29T16:23:20+01:00

Due to the so-called placental barrier, the immune substances that are essential for the survival of the calf cannot be passed on before birth. These antibodies enter the calf’s body only directly after calving (for about 72 hours) via colostrum administration.

Therefore, the cow’s colostrum contains more than 4 times as many immune factors as human colostrum.

Due to the similar composition, especially with regard to immune substances and growth factors, bovine colostrum can be particularly well utilised by humans. Since many components are not species-specific, they also show high efficiency in humans.

In order to be able to guarantee absolute freedom from antibiotics and hormones, we process only organic colostrum from controlled organic cattle herds in Germany in our Bestvital® products.

How can I use colostrum?2023-03-29T16:23:20+01:00

Colostrum has a high concentration of nutrients which are important for the body in various areas.

Our body needs immunoglobulins, growth factors, amino acids, vitamins and many other substances to regenerate, to strengthen its defences, and to compensate for harmful influences or even stress peaks. With a targeted supply of natural vital substances, it is much easier for our body to maintain its health balance.

But not only when consuming colostrum as a food, but also when used externally with regard to careful skin care, the concentrated ingredients in colostrum can provide the body with numerous essential building blocks.

Bestvital® colostrum Contains everything.


All Bestvital® colostrum vital substance products are legally classified as food or dietary supplements and are not a substitute for medical treatment or prescribed medication.

Under the German Medicines Act, we as manufacturer and distributor are not legally permitted to highlight the health, performance-enhancing and/or special medical effects of our Bestvital® colostrum products.

We can only make statements about what function colostrum fulfils in nature and what possible consequences, if any, can be derived from this for humans.

Therefore, we must refer you to the worldwide colostrum literature regarding application observations and medical studies. We therefore ask for your understanding.
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