Bestvital® colostrum colobons

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Rich in natural immune factors (antibodies IgM, IgA, IgG).

Whether at school, in the office or during sports. Take Bestvital® colobons with their cool currant flavour wherever you go.

Bestvital® colobons contain highly concentrated colostrum from selected German and Austrian farms from the very first hours after the birth of the calf. Of course, only from the 1st and 2nd surplus milking.

The tasty alternative Also suitable for kids With dextrose and vitamin C for a balanced immune system.

Contents: 30 colobons

Recommended use2023-03-28T11:50:33+01:00

1-3 colostrum colobons daily; do not consume with warm drinks. Contains the tooth-friendly sugar substitute sorbitol from corn and wheat starch. May have a laxative effect if consumed in excess.

Nutritional values2023-03-28T11:50:32+01:00
per 100 gper 2 colobons
Energy value290 kcal /1226 kJ11.6 kcal /49.04 kJ
Protein9.7 g0.39 g
Carbohydrates78.7 g3.15 g
Sugar28.5 g1.14 g
Fat0.54 g< 0.1 g
Saturated fatty acids0.43 g< 0.1 g
Salt0.25 g< 0.1 g

Made in Germany.

A sterile cold filtration process and freeze-drying ensures that the organic colostrum extract is particularly gently processed, defatted and decaseinated.

Information: Why Bestvital® colostrum?

Note: natural food without preservatives. Contains lactose. Free from hormones and antibiotics. No genetic engineering.

Bestvital® organic colostrum starter set

Bestvital® organic colostrum starter set

* Bestvital® organic liquid colostrum
* Bestvital® organic colostrum capsules

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